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Grosvenor Park

This mostly residential area lies just south of the sprawling University of Saskatchewan campus. Variety View lies south of College Drive and continues south past 14th Street E as far south as 8th Street. Because of its campus proximity, about of the residents are students.

Other neighbourhoods just to the east are Grosvenor Park (west of Preston Ave) and Greystone Heights (east of Preston). 8th is a major retail street, leading east to the Centre at Circle & 8th mall. Between 8th Street and Taylor Street are the communities of Holliston (west of Preston) and Brevoort Park (east of Preston). These southern neighbourhoods were developed in the 1960s and now have a good mix a age demographics. University of Saskatchewan - Agriculture Building Interior


This part of Saskatoon has 5 public elementary schools, 2 Catholic elementary, as well as a Catholic and 2 public high schools just south of Taylor Street. Bishop Murray High School, part of the Greater Saskatoon Catholic School Division was opened in the 1950s as an elementary school when it opened in the mid-1950s, but became an alternative high school in the mid-1980s. The area is close to University of Saskatchewan and to the northeast is the West Co-op College campus, north of College Dr.

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These communities are nestled close to the shopping along Broadway, and close to the 8th Street commercial district leading to the Centre at Circle & 8th shopping centre. . Market Mall is also just to the south, along Preston. There is also a cluster of shops *& services in the north, around College Drive & Cumberland Avenue, adjacent to the University of Saskatchewan campus. College Park Mall


These neighbourhoods are dotted with small neighbourhood parks, including Holliston Park with its outdoor pool, ballpark and outdoor ice rink. The area is prized for its proximity to the U of S campus, which is home t the Greystone There, The Diefenbaker Canada Centre, Biology Museum, Snelgrove Art Gallery, St Thomas More Art Gallery Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame, and for athletes, the Rutherford Rink, Griffiths Stadium and the sports fieldhouse. Just south of Taylor Street is the Nutana Suburban Centre, with an indoor ice arena, a curling club, 5 baseball diamonds and 3 sport fields. There s also a running track at Dan Worden Park adjacent to Walter Murray high school.


The neighbourhoods adjacent to the U of S campus are older suburban communities with a mixture of low-density, single detached dwellings, detached duplexes and apartment-style units. The neighbourhood is is attractive to middle to upper-income families and homes here average $220,000 (2006) and are 40% owner occupied (a low number because of the proportion of students in the area). There is also a high rise with nice views along Temperance. South of 8 Street, homes average $140,000 (2006) and are almost 60% owner occupied. There are number of multi-family townhouses in this neighbourhood with excellent access to local amenities.

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