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Meadowgreen is the area south of 22nd Street, and east of Circle Drive, and has about 4,000 residents. Streets are laid out east and west, avenues are laid out running north and south. In the area north of 16 St W and 31 St W, the north-south Avenues are named in alphabetical order from the river. Whitney is equivalent to Avenue Z, and thereafter streets are named for Canadian cities until Circle Drive W.

Pleasant Hill, is a triangular-shaped are because of a diagonal rail line, has the streets laid out in a grid pattern. The area, with about 4,5000 residents, is close to the St Paul's Hospital. The area is undergoing a revitalization of the residential and commercial areas, especially along 20th Street. St. Mary's School will receive major renovations or replacement, possibly even a new community centre

The governments are undertaking a major re-vitalization project for the Saskatoon neighbourhood of Pleasant Hill. $3.5 million dollars is being invested in the business, and residential areas as well as in St. Mary's school. .


This area has 2 public elementary and one Catholic elementary,


Meadowgreen has several plazas: Westgreen Plaza, Westgate Plaza, and the Confederation Suburban Centre.


The area has a number of parks, plus a buffer zone along Circle Drive has a newly created walking trail, which connects to Fred Mendel Park in the south. There are also basketball courts, a water spray park and an off leash dog run. The Ukrainian Museum is in the neighbourhood as well.


Half the homes in Meadowgreen are detached residences, the majority built between 1960 to 1980, and the remainder are multi-unit dwellings, with an average house market value of $105,000. Some larger homes and in-fills are being added to the area.

The Pleasant Hill area has many original homes built before 1908 and typically sell between $60-70,000 (2006), with a large proportion of them (75%) being rented.

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