Churchill, Nutana Park, Eastview - Saskatoon neighbourhoods

Nutana-Victoria Bridge

These communities lie between Taylor Street to the north and South Circle Drive (Highway 16/11) to the south, between Clarence Ave and North Circle Drive to the east.

East of Clarence are the neighbourhoods of Churchill (north of Ruth) with its traditional grid pattern, and Adelaide Park (south of Ruth) with its curved streets. These areas became part of the city of Saskatoon in the 1910s and were developed in the 1950s and 1960s,

Nutana Suburban Centre was developed in the 1960s and 1970s, though the area experienced early development during the early 1900s Hub City Boom. As Saskatoons's first "suburban centre," city planners combined residential, offices, recreation, schools, and commercial areas into one community. West of Preston is the neighbourhood of Nutana Park, built around the Harold Tatler Park which has 5 baseball diamonds and two athletic fields connected by recreational pathways.

Eastview was annexed by the city over the 1950s and most development occurred over the 1960s, when the community was on the city's eastern edge. Most of the street names in Eastview begin with "East".


This part of Saskatoon has 5 public elementary schools, 2 Catholic elementary schools, a private religious school, and a public and a Catholic high school. The area is a close commute to University of Saskatchewan and the Wet Co-op College. Market Mall in Eastview


Churchill and Adelaide Park are close to the shopping along Broadway, and Market Mall along Preston. There is also the Eastview Shopping Centre, a strip mall on Arlington Avenue. The community is not far from the 8th Street commercial district leading to the Centre at Circle & 8th shopping centre.


These neighbourhoods are characterized by large and interconnected system of parks. Just south of Taylor Street is the Nutana Suburban Centre, with an indoor ice arena, a curling club, 5 baseball diamonds and 3 sports fields. There s also a running track at Dan Worden Park adjacent to Walter Murray high school. West of Preston is the 2-part Harold Tatler Park, with its 5 baseball diamonds and 2 sports fields. There's also an 18 hole mini golf course at Market Mall/


Adelaide/Churchill is a mostly low-density, single detached dwellings, 90% owner occupied, and an average home value of $175,000 (2006). Eastview is similar with a few more low-rise apartment buildings and semi-detached houses and while the average home runs $260,000, the home ownership rate is about 50%.

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