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Author: Lisa Armstrong

Aside from the telephone, your computer keyboard is the object most used during the day. And it harbours plenty of germs too.

Recent experiments have found that toilet seats have only 20% of the amount of bacteria found on the average computer keyboard. It's clear that many offices are serious about keeping their restrooms looking and feeling fresh and clean but the same does not apply to their workstations.

Your computer keyboard and its mouse look innocent enough, don't they? But regardless of whether you eat lunch at your desk or not, germs soon build up and they can cause big problems in the workplace.

How many instances of sickness are caused by unclean keyboards? More and more businesses are discovering that IT hygiene is just as important as restroom hygiene if not more so. It is just as important to have all workstations regularly cleaned and spruced up as it is to have any other area of the business revitalised in this way.

There are other benefits here too. If your workspace and computer are unclean or untidy, you won't be working to your maximum efficiency. But if they are subjected to a regular clean and brush up using attractively fragranced and germ beating sprays and cleaners, you'd be amazed at the difference it makes.

Some regular care and attention from experts in this field mean that you will notice a big difference in both the short and long term. Fresher, cleaner and more attractive desks will be easier to keep tidy. You'll be more motivated to keep them looking good. You will also notice the attractive aroma of those cleaning materials which have erased all the germs and bacteria from your keyboard, desk, mouse and computer screen.

If you work in the main office with lots of other people, you'll notice the vibrant change which takes places and enhances your workspace. And since there are less germs around there will be less sickness and illness doing the rounds as well.

Needless to say it is essential to select an office cleaning service that is experienced in cleaning IT equipment to this degree. The best cleaning sprays and fluids do not need to be abrasive or harmful in any way. A fresh invigorating aroma and a pleasant keyboard that looks like new should be easy to achieve with the right company.

If you need this degree of office cleaning in Sydney, make sure you find a company which can provide the level of specialist cleaning you require. Every office is different. Some only have two or three computers, while others have hundreds. Which company will be able to handle the IT hygiene levels required by you?

Another advantage of enlisting an experienced service to perform this task regularly for you is that it will keep your computers working better for longer. Dirt and bacteria can harm valuable equipment. Don't let it harm yours. Go for a fresh and invigorating workspace that works for you instead of against you.

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