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Saskatoon has a very lively "Restaurant Scene," with an incredible number of restaurants --in fact, one of the highest (measured per capita) in the country. Thankfully, there aren't enough chi-chi people in Saskatoon with two hour lunch breaks to keep a lot of snooty chefs happy (as in some larger cities), so the restaurants here provide good value for the average resident. This city's strong University community as well as the region's high tech industry keeps the retaurant industry quite innovative.

Saskatoon's ethnic variety over the past century, with its mix of French, Ukrainian, and many other Europeans has created a tradition of hearty cooking. Saskatoon's work-hard traditions mean that the food served here is meant to fill you up and energize you. In the past, that's been important for the workers in physically demanding sectors like agriculture, forestry and mining, but is also great for those rugged individuals enjoying the vast scenic vistas around Saskatoon.

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